Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WJLA: SEIU Local 500 drops endorsement for Chris Barclay amid credit card scandal. MCEA may do the same tomorrow.


  1. Kudos to Janis and Parents Coalition for sunlighting this important story. Without your hard work, perseverance and tenacity, no one but the thief himself (Barclay) would have known that he was taking money out of the pockets of taxpayers and children for his own personal gain. Now, we all know, Barclay may pay it back, a serious (albeit secret) review and moratorium of BOE credit card use is underway, Barclay has lost one, if not two major endorsements and hopefully will not be elected as Montgomery County Councilmember to District 5 on June 24th.

  2. An MC councilmember
    Cannot be a contender
    And forget to remember
    Which card is legal tender.

  3. Please keep going. I think it is incredibly important for the voters in this county to know who else has been abusing these cards.

  4. Thanks for all the hard work digging into this BOE credit card issue. Getting media attention was key to bringing this to a larger audience. Thanks!

    I'm sure that the BOE along with other county politicians/officials will be more careful in the future. I can only hope that more transparency and accountability will also be a result of this experience--for MCPS and MoCo in general.


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