Monday, October 20, 2014

Starr Wants Cell Tower on Another Middle School Playground

The school is surrounded by homes on 3 sides.

The Parents' Coalition has learned that Superintendent Joshua Starr is now proposing a cell tower for the Roberto Clemente Middle School playground.  The proposal will be presented to parents at the November PTA meeting.

By our count, this is the 7th cell tower that Superintendent Starr has proposed for a MCPS playground since he became superintendent.
  • Has Superintendent Starr ever made a public statement on why he is pushing for cell towers on MCPS playgrounds? No.
  • Has Superintendent Starr ever made a public presentation to the Board of Education about his 7 cell tower construction projects? No. 
  • Better question, has the Board of Education ever publicly ASKED about Superintendent Starr's 7 cell tower proposals? No.

If cell tower compounds on public school playgrounds are such a super cool awesome deal, then why all the secrecy?


Let's hear the Board of Education and Superintendent Starr discuss these plans in public at the next Board of Education meeting!  


  1. I would love to know the timing of Starr's most recent cell tower proposal... He just got back from the (partially) Milestone Communications-sponsored MABE conference and one has to wonder what deals were concocted over champagne and filet mignon. Rather than this "one-off" approach, why can't there be a policy decision to ban all cell towers from MCPS schools, period?

  2. Janis, That is outrageous that Starr keeps putting up these cell towers without any review by the BOE. Where are these towers located that Starr has approved? Do you have pictures? Do you have copies of the leases that he signed? Were these leases ever discussed by the BOE before Starr approved them? Is there even a BOE policy on how cell tower requests should be handled? It is awful that Starr keeps putting cell towers on school playgrounds without any community discussion.

  3. Janis, Janis, Janis. Why didn't you answer the question? Could it be, Janis, that Starr hasn't ever approved any cell towers and that none have been constructed since he became superintendent? Could it be, Janis, that all that has happened in Montgomery County is that, on 7 occasions, a cell company has made a request to place a tower and the local community has voiced their opposition and those proposals have not gone forward? Could it be, Janis, that your claim that Starr "is pushing for cell towers on MCPS playgrounds" amounts to nothing but pure BS, like so many of your charges? Janis, Janis, Janis. Why the hate?

    1. And your name is????? Why hide? Your name? Your name? Your name? Would it be MCPS PR Department? Of course.

      So your point is that Superintendent Joshua Starr doesn't run MCPS? Fascinating! So any commercial company can just come and put in a "request" for a commercial business on Board of Education WITHOUT the permission of the Superintendent or the Board of Education and PARENTS ARE FORCED to organize and rally to protect public school playgrounds?
      So public school playgrounds are CONSTANTLY UP FOR GRABS by commercial businesses?
      The Superintendent and Board of Education are just blobs that have ZERO control over public school land? Is that your point?

      When did this happen? When did the Superintendent abdicate his role to commercial businesses?

      If the Superintendent has NO JOB can we please eliminate his salary and use it to hire teachers?


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