Thursday, November 6, 2014

58 Schools!! Contractor with criminal past accused of sexually assaulting MCPS students worked at 58 county schools

Contractor with criminal past accused of sexually assaulting MCPS students worked at 58 county schools


...On Thursday, MCPS announced that Epps Jr. worked in 57 Montgomery County elementary, middle and high schools (see complete list below) between May and October of this year. The district says letters were sent home to parents at all of these schools.

ABC 7 News obtained court records that show a disturbing trend. In October 2010, officers arrested Epps Jr. at a Severn CVS after a female employee and customer both reported he squeezed their behinds. Charging documents say CVS staff had previously banned the husband and father of two from entering the store, because of similar offenses. A judge later found Epps Jr. guilty of second-degree assault and placed him on probation.
"Parents have the right to know that this happened in their schools, because if he did it to that child, were there other kids he did it to that were too afraid to tell their parents?" Alvaro added. "I'm fed up."
"I don't know why my school wanted me to keep quiet because it's a serious thing. It's been like a month now, and I'm just here," 12-year-old Jasmine concluded.


  1. The first and most important issue is, how many schools did Epps work in AFTER the October 6th incident at Baker MS? Were there any???

    1. No, that's not most important. All schools he worked in are important. Did you read the ABC7 story text? This alleged incident is exactly like the incident he was arrested for in his public criminal record.

    2. Thanks Janis, Your point is well taken. I was just wondering whether Epps worked in any schools after Oct 6 or whether he was taken immediately into custody. The list of schools and dates worked seems to suggest Baker MS was Epps' last. Based on the complete bungling of Epps' background check, I wonder how many other "contractors" and MCPS employees have criminal and/or sexual predator backgrounds. I'm sure this kind of thing could never happen with cell tower installation/maintenance contractors.

    3. Are you implying that this gentleman is out on bail?


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