Friday, January 30, 2015

NYC's Diane Ravitch calls Joshua Starr a Hero Superintendent, Credits Him with Actions that were actually Jerry Weast's

New York City's Diane Ravitch has written about Joshua Starr's failure to gain a majority of supporters on the Board of Education. Ms. Ravitch describes herself as a "historian of education."

Ms. Ravitch's readers are upset with this news because Ms. Ravitch has previously labeled Joshua Starr a "hero superintendent."

However, when Ms. Ravitch assigned Joshua Starr the title of "hero" she cited actions taken by the previous Superintendent, Jerry Weast!

Apparently the MCPS Public Information Office did not contact Ms. Ravitch to get her to correct her misinformation.

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  1. I'm sure Starr went crying to Ravitch in hopes of getting up support for his paycheck. She jumps on the bandwagon of anyone opposed to testing. It doesn't matter that he's a failure who hasn't done anything for the children in MCPS. She doesn't do research, she just cares about supporting her own talking points.


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