Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Families of children victimized by #teachers, #school staff members or contractors, here's my dilemma. Ideas? @wusa9

Andrea McCarren      @AndreaMcCarren


  1. They have every reason to be fearful. MCPS/BOE is most concerned with their system reputation. Everything negative is swept under the carpet. Many teachers have come forward regarding inappropriate behavior of MCPS teachers and principals. What happened to these teachers who came forward? Nothing good. Being a child advocate in MCPS is rewarded with abuse by superiors. Sad for our children.

    1. Why not bring a federal investigative team from Alaska to look into this?

  2. That's a big part of your story. Why such extreme fear? Something is very wrong in this school system where staff and parents are so afraid to protect their children.

  3. This farce will end ONLY when a victim IS a member of a policymaker's family.


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