Wednesday, May 20, 2015

$2,310,000,000 +/- MCPS Operating Budget for FY16 Set for Council Approval

MCPS, unions may revise contracts amid budget shortfalls

...“Union and district officials have been “scrubbing the budget” to look for potential savings, Prouty said. He said he doesn’t know where the contracts might stand at the end of the process.”...

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  1. Whatever is done should ensure that all money goes into classrooms and teachers. Stop spending on anything that doesn't directly support teachers and instruction. Cut all of the extra SEIU programs, administrative perks, non school based programs, stop pulling teachers from classrooms, stop spending on anything that interferes with teachers teaching kids.

    Maybe then we can get ahead of Baltimore City Public Schools. From the Baltimore Sun:

    Forty-eight percent of kindergartners in Baltimore were ready for the Common Core standards, officials reported. That's one point more than the state average, and on par with the more affluent Montgomery County.

    Elsewhere in the region: 59 percent were ready in Carroll County, 57 percent in Howard County, 50 percent in Baltimore County, 48 percent in Harford County and 43 percent in Anne Arundel.

    Baltimore officials credited the city's growing pre-kindergarten program and its early start in introducing Common Core to young learners.


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