Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bowers Reign of Perks Begins! Chevy Chase Elem. School will have $550,000 Field, While Red Zone Kids Play on Dirt. #BowersPerks

Somerset Elementary School Hoping for Approval to Install Artificial Turf Field

Foundation at school plans to raise $550,000 to cover costs

... “The artificial turf on the playing field will provide safe playing conditions and benefit both the school and the community,” wrote Interim Superintendent Larry Bowers in his recommendation for approval.



  1. Great. If the community wants to raise money for its own fields, I have no problem with that.

    1. Of course you are because you don't understand the issue. Once installed the maintenance, upkeep, replacement and removal are on the taxpayers.

      Your fantasy isn't reality.

  2. will the somerset PTA sign a liability requirement to pay for maintenance, upkeep and replacement and removal? And liability for those pesky injuries caused by artificial turf?

    1. No! Absolutely not! PTA is never going to be held liable for the use of this plastic grass. It's a "foundation" that is paying for it, not the PTA. It's an outside, not connected, no responsibility, no liability, it will disappear in a year entity. The "foundation" won't be responsible for anything except adding to the liability and responsibility of the MCPS budget.


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