Monday, May 11, 2015

Breaking: MCPS Teacher Pleads Guilty to 14 Counts of Sex Abuse over 6 Years at MCPS Elementary School

Today, in Montgomery County Circuit Court, MCPS music teacher Lawrence Joynes agreed to a plea deal that allowed him to plead guilty to just 14 counts out of the original 29 charges. The maximum sentence that Mr. Joynes could receive for these crimes will be 98 years. Sentencing will be in August.

The 14 counts all relate to the sexual exploitation and abuse of 5, 6, and 7 year students at New Hampshire Estates Elementary School from 2005 through 2011.

MCPS was well aware that this elementary school music teacher was a problem and, in fact, had put "restrictions" on his ability to interact with students, but left him IN THE CLASSROOM.  The public learned about these "restrictions" only AFTER Mr. Joynes was arrested by Homeland Security and Baltimore County police, and charging documents were filed in Circuit Court. Do any of your child's teachers have "restrictions" on their ability to interact with your child?

From the Lawrence Joynes Charging documents in Case Number 124485C: 

On 03-05-2013, the writer obtained and executed a Search and Seizure Warrant for personnel records of Joynes at the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) main office located at 850 Hungerford Road, Rockville, Maryland.  The records indicated the following: 
On 09-13, 2010, a mother of a female 2nd grader expressed concerns to the principal after her daughter reported to her that Joynes asked her if she wanted to crawl into his lap.  Also, it was reported that Joynes asked the child if she had a special pillow she slept on and did she dream of Joynes, and, she was told by Joynes that the conversation was a "secret". 
On 11-15-2011, a 1st grade student reported to her teacher that Joynes tickled her during instruction.  
On 11-18-2011, as a result of the above, New Hampshire Estates Elementary School (NHE) principal placed conditions upon Joynes that included, activities only in public areas, classroom door to remain open during instruction, stay off playground during recess, no sitting at the cafeteria with students, use of staff restrooms only, don't be alone with any student in classroom, and no touching of students in any form.

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  1. Homeland Security did its job well. Let's see how good of a job the local justice will perform.

  2. Have Mercy. MCPS needs to pay out money for this child and others so they can get the support they need to understand and heal from this. Shame on MCPS.

  3. MCPS that's us, the public at large, footing the bill.
    This charade will end If and only if the administrators are held legally and financially responsible.

  4. He took students into closets? Floyd Starnes, MCPS principal, also took students into closets and his actions were reported to MCPS, the BOE and CPS. No staff member should be allowed to take a child into a closet for any length of time. MCPS, BOE and CPS allowed this to happen. It is unfortunate that this will end up in court, but parents have no other choice at this point.

  5. Name the name of the Principal who put the "restrictions" on Joynes, then fire him/her.
    And no tax dollars spent on Judith Bresler defending MCPS on the parent lawsuits.

    1. The principal at NHE in 2011 was Marinda Thomas Evans.

  6. Copycat perpetrator:

  7. I am an attorney- I represent the families of two children abused by Mr. Joynes at New Hampshire Estates Elem School. We have filed suit seeking compensation. My clients are not identified in any way in the lawsuit. My clients want to meet with other parents to discuss ways to help their daughters deal with their problems. If you want to attend the meeting, which is next Monday, Nov 2, please contact me and I will provide the address in College Park. My phone number is 410-938-8666.


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