Thursday, May 21, 2015

Community members seek changes to Kensington school plan

Under a Montgomery County Public Schools plan, a new Kensington middle school would be squeezed on a site with inadequate space that will make the school inferior, some opponents of the plan say.
Adding underground parking to the plan, they say, could help fix some of the bigger problems they see.
A group of residents said they are concerned that the site plan, as it stands, would limit athletic and academic spaces and pose safety hazards for drivers and pedestrians. The result, they said, is a school that would fall below the district’s project guidelines and would be unequal to other county schools, particularly Westland Middle School in the same cluster.
However, a school district official said the middle school will be similar to existing middle schools. He added that the district already considered — and decided against — a parking structure.


  1. It's shocking when the Director of MCPS Facilities says that "the district doesn't have requirements for athletic spaces on middle school sites" -- in a County where parents place great importance on athletics. How is a single field going to be used for both softball and soccer?? No wonder the Director of Construction acknowledges the insanity of this plan! I definitely signed the petition to protest this ridiculous plan and all the safety issues of this site:

    1. It would be even more shocking if he said something of substance.


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