Thursday, May 28, 2015

Does Family Income Really Affect a Student's College Chances?

Do you believe that family income is tied to a student's college chances?

Today's NYTimes asks that question, and provides an interactive test to let you know whether your thinking is in line with reality.

Read the article, take the test- and then see how you do.  Unlike Montgomery County Public Schools, taking this test is entirely up to you.  We aren't asking you to report your results - but if you would like to comment, please do so on our blog.

Keep in mind - education is supposed to be the great equalizer!

Thanks to the NYTimes!

How likely is it that children who grow up in very poor families go to college? How about children who grow up in very rich families?
We’d like you to draw your guess for every income level on the chart below.

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  1. "Keep in mind - education is supposed to be the great equalizer!"
    This quote held true, to some extend, in the previous century.
    The only thing constant now is change.


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