Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Interim Superintendent Larry Bowers has already started MCPS restructuring.

When did Larry Bowers restructure MCPS administration? Any one have a clue? 

We know Mr. Bowers is a firm opponent of transparency and open government so we don't expect to see a memo or any budget details on what he has been up to in the last few months.  Mr. Bowers has a long history of major behind the scenes maneuvers with MCPS Operating Budget funds. 

By the way, what is Mr. Bowers paying himself these days? Perks? Car? Home office? Credit card? 
...Bowers proceeded to start an administrative restructuring even though he was only planning to stay for a few months before a planned retirement...

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  1. They are going to appoint an interim superintendent tomorrow. It's either going to be Bowers or Statham. Either way, the BOE is the most incompetent ever in the history of MCPS.

    Since they appointed the current director of equity initiatives the black white achievement gap has expanded every year under him. Yet they continue to praise him at every meeting. So he doubles down on his failed strategies. Then they blame Starr for his failures. Great job BOE.


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