Saturday, May 16, 2015

Montgomery school board names Houston administrator as ‘preferred’ superintendent candidate

...O’Neill said the Houston district’s superintendent, Terry B. Grier, had identified Houlihan as having “great potential” and was training him to become a superintendent through those different experiences, she said.
“He was rotated through a number of positions with that in mind,” she said.

... Board Vice President Michael Durso and board members Christopher S. Barclay, Jill Ortman-Fouse and Rebecca Smondrowski will visit Houston soon, O’Neill said...


  1. When Durso was the principal of Springbrook he wouldn't have given this guy the time of day if he were the superintendent. He would have walked all over him, and wouldn't have had an iota of respect for him - no matter how "intelligent or energetic" he came across. If he pretends otherwise he is a liar.

    Anyone who think high school principals are going to respect this guy - don't know how hard it is to get those jobs and how hard it is to do them.

  2. Durso is the only one who knows what he is doing on that board and he was clearly outvoted. The Florida superintendent of the year interviewed for the job but God forbid we hire someone with 25 years' experience as a superintendent. Better to have a midlevel administrator who got out of the classroom and schools in a hurry and became a chief academic officer 2 months ago. He's never done any job long enough to have a measurable impact. This is a plumb job - WTH! Ike Leggett is right - we can't deal with a farm team candidate - maybe Leggett should take over the school district like Baker did in Prince George's County.


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