Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sexual Abuse Victim Suing MCPS for Negligence

One of the victims of a former Montgomery County Public Schools’ music teacher who pleaded guilty Monday to sexually abusing her is suing the school system saying the system failed to keep her safe.
In a civil suit filed last month in Montgomery County Court, Towson Attorney Joseph Williams, on behalf of the New Hampshire Estates Elementary School student and her family, named the former teacher, Lawrence Joynes and the Montgomery County School Board in the suit.
The suit claims the school system did not react appropriately or acted with deliberate indifference to Joynes’ abuse and ignored allegations of sexual abuse violating the student’s constitutional right to education. The damages requests are in excess of $75,000 for each occurrence, according to the suit. The definition of occurrence is unclear.
“More importantly [the family] would like to have this activity prevented in the future,” Williams told MyMCMedia. “They understand if this has happened to the extent it appears there is very little or no effort being made by the Montgomery County Board of Education to anticipate and prevent this kind of activity by teachers.”...


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