Friday, May 22, 2015

State's Attorney Did Not Interview Victims, Concludes No Crime

No crime found in Rock Terrance School incident 

No criminal conduct occurred when Rock Terrace School maintained accounts without parents’ knowledge for special-education students in transition-to-work programs, the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office found.

The office investigated the management of money and the accounts after some parents in 2013 discovered the school had set up bank accounts for their children to receive work stipends but the children had not received the money. The State’s Attorney’s investigation confirmed the findings of Montgomery County Public Schools’ internal investigation of mismanagement but no criminal conduct.
Chief of the Special Prosecutions Division Bryan Roslund said he could not comment on mismanagement because the investigation was focused solely on potential criminal activity.
“No acts constituted a crime ... The broader question of what went on at the school and what was being done with programs is not really for us to answer,” Roslund said.
Roslund said the investigation looked at school records and letters or comments parents had sent to the school about the issue, but did not involve interviewing parents. Lyda Astrove, a local attorney and advocate for the parents and students, said that made it a “one-sided investigation.”...

 ...MCPS has reimbursed students in 71 payments adding up to about $34,400...


  1. It's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to glean evidence.
    It is even harder to find evidence when conducting a "one-sided investigation."
    And it is impossible to determine if a crime was committed when conducting a virtual investigation.

  2. The Pink Panther strikes again!

  3. This Montgomery Sentinel cartoon says it all:

  4. See no evil hear no evil speak no evil
    Just paint a rosy scene inside the easel.

  5. "No crime found in Rock Terrance School incident" It's elementary my Dear Watson, the crime did not occur in the terrace, but rather under the table.


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