Thursday, May 14, 2015

Why does Fairfax Co. Serve 44,409 Special Education Students and MCPS Only 19,859?

Below is the 2014 Washington Area Boards of Education (WABE) Guide.  The WABE Guide compares data from 10 public school systems around Washington, D.C.  The WABE Guide compares enrollment, class sizes, staffing, revenue, salary and benefits information from each of the 10 counties.

It usually compares data from all 10 counties, except there was the year that MCPS refused to participate. 


  1. Perhaps Fairfax is a larger district than ours?

    1. Seriously? The numbers are right there. Fairfax has 181,259 students, MCPS has 148,779.
      The enrollment numbers don't justify the massive disparity in services to special education students.
      Fairfax is serving double the number of students. MCPS? Fighting as many parents as they can in order to deny as many students as possible access to an education.


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