Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Will Canon Road ES, Piney Branch ES, Sligo Creek ES, or Takoma Park ES Get $550,000 Playing Fields?

Piney Branch ES playing field. (Is that dirt we see?)

Of course not!

The reign of Superintendent Larry Bowers has begun.  Look for a year of perks for the neighborhoods who can afford to pay to turn their public school into a private school.

First up is Somerset Elementary.  Superintendent Bowers uses the excuse that the school sits on 3.71 acres as the reason why an artificial turf playing field is needed.  What Mr. Bowers neglects to mention is all of the other MCPS elementary schools that are on 5 acres or less.  Below is a list of all MCPS elementary schools with the sites that are 5 acres or less highlighted in yellow. 

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