Monday, July 6, 2015

Let's Recap: BOE Did Not Fire Teacher Who Plead Guilty to Sexual Abuse of Student.

Now that the Gazette has been shuttered, some of the facts from the MCPS sexual abuse cases of the last few years might get forgotten.

Here's one to remember. The Montgomery County Board of Education does not consider a teacher having a sexual relationship with a student to be a fireable offense.

The Montgomery County Board of Education allowed teacher Richard Shemer to resign after his arrest on sexual abuse charges, supposedly after some sort of "internal" investigation.

Yet, in Circuit Court, MCPS teacher Richard Shemer plead guilty to sexual abuse of a minor

Exclusive: BOE Did Not Fire Shemer, They Allowed Him to Resign After Internal Investigation 

If you think The Washington Post will ever report on these types of facts, think again.  


  1. The Washington Post ferments compost
    And brings in less profit with more cost
    When Jeff reviews the books someday
    He’ll pull the plug without much dismay.

  2. I was thinking a while ago that while I am glad the Post brings attention to important news we all should be aware of, and that many of the writers are well known and very talented, the format is being more and more like the old New York Daily news (not sure if it still exists). Not quite tabloid in many areas but the presentation of many headline items and some of the inside articles often smacks of tabloid .


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