Monday, November 9, 2015

From WUSA: Teen charged in N. Potomac crash that killed 2 students

According to the WUSA9 Website:

POTOMAC, Md. (WUSA9) -- A former quarterback at Wootton High School is being charged in the fatal North Potomac crash that left two Wootton High School students dead in June.
Samuel Ellis, 19, is being charged with five counts in the death of the students, officials said. He faces 23 years in prison should he be convicted.

 Links to the charging documents may be found here: or here:​

Unfortunately, the message from Whitman's principal is that parents should stop hosting parties in their homes.

Sorry, Mr. Goodwin, that's not the real issue. House parties are not the sole issue.
Wootton kids  have not learned from this horrific accident.  Just a few weeks ago, Homecoming Weekend saw many kids all dressed up heading into Fallsmead Park.  I don't think they were there just to talk. 
Someone - parents, adults, teachers, must let the kids know that drinking, drugs, and driving don't mix.  In a park, bar, or in the parents homes

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  1. Thank you for posting, glad to see that we're talking about this ugly monster that nobody wants to face. This all begs the question of what is it going to take for students to listen? It's more than just a Wootton or Whitman issue, it's boils down to teenage invincibility taking precedence to the understanding of the consequences associated with mixing drinking/drugs with driving.

    School's role in this issue is particularly interesting. While Principal Goodwin's letter didn't touch all bases, Magnet Mom made a good point in mentioning this, it seems like a sound jumping off point to start a larger dialogue. It sickens me that we have yet to learn from these horrible tragedies that seem to occur as cyclicly as students come and go through MCPS schools. We all play a role in making sure that these accidents don't happen - parents to school administrators to students alike.


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