Wednesday, November 25, 2015

UK company EMFields criticizes MCPS Technology Office for incorrect and defamatory comments

EMFileds, a UK company which sells a device used to measure WiFi radiation levels at MCPS schools, has sent a letter to the Chief Technology Officer Sherwin Collette criticizing his Office for incorrect and defamatory comments about the device. The EMFileds Tech Director confirms that the readings taken by parents are similar to those in the official AECOM Report published by MCPS Technology Office. EMFields also identifies factual mistakes on the FAQ page of MCPS Tech Office.


  1. Actually, to get correct measurements and an accurate understanding of the amount of Wi-Fi radiation to which people are exposed, a spectrum analyzer is required. These used to cost thousands of dollars but units with ample accuracy can now be purchased for just a few hundred dollars. A good choice would be the RF Explorer. See:

    1. A spectrum analyzer is not required to show the microwave levels in the room by the Acousimeter. It was false to say the Acousimeter was taking inaccurate maesurements as MCOPS did. Thats because the ONLY microwave sources in the room are from MCPS"s Making. THEY brought in Chromebooks and they brought in Wi-Fi Networks and they brought in cell phones as part of the BYOD policy. THEREFORE THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RADIATION LEVELS WITHIN THE MICROWAVE EMF region.

      SAFE TECH parents have long asked for reduced microwave radiation from these radiation sources. THERE simply are NO other sources- well except the cell towers outside the school. AGAIN MCPS's decision.

      MCOS could reduce microwave radiation if they choose to. The meter shown in videos only measures microwaves. I think thats what MCPOAS got confused by. MCPS may noyt understand the EMF spectrum and the radiation frequencies covered by the meter.

    2. The Acousimeter's bandwidth is so wide that it measures much more than Wi-Fi radiation. The school could be in the path between two microwave towers. The Acousimeter is a very rough gauge of the amount of radiation in a room. An RF engineer would laugh at the data from an Acousimeter. A spectrum analyzer or a Selective Level Meter are required to accurately determine the level of radiation a particular device.

    3. nope.
      itas not perfect.
      But that acousitmeter goes crazy when its near the wifi acess points and not so crazy when its far from an acess point. It goes crazy when its near a wifi laptop and not so crazy when its near a laptop that has the wifi off.
      Explain that.
      True- it is not a perfect reading but it shows exposure increasing and decreasing. If anything, a more powerful meter is catching more and will show more.
      Thats said... schools should not be in the beam of a cell tower.

    4. And if you want to see what I mean please see the youtube video showing this by the Safe Tech parents themselves.

  2. When Collette gets sued let's make sure he pays for his defense and not the taxpayer. A good idea is for the parents to sue along with this company if the UK company goes ahead with what sounds like a statement n that direction. Special needs parents are left high and dry to defend for their kid when they did nothing wrong, so let this guy who refuses to be accountable for anything pay his own way.

  3. Spectrum analysis
    With cross correlation
    Will stop the bickering
    With a revelation.

  4. "let's make sure he pays for his defense and not the taxpayer" Wishful thinking.

  5. Check it out. The man who wrote that letter is featured in a BBC Documentary found here. He has done measurements for the UK government and is considered an expert engineer.

    All thedetails and the BBC are featured in this piece.


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