Wednesday, January 6, 2016

80-year old tree on BCC High School grounds killed

BCC High School ushers in the New Year with the destruction of one of the oldest trees in the neighborhood. The 80-year old, healthy mature  tree crowning the BCC entrance on East-West Highway (at the center of the Google Earth photo) is no more. It came down in front of the eyes of students and astonished neighbors. What could possibly justify this loss to the canopy and the neighborhood? Did the new BCC principal Dr. Dona Jones know about the tree removal and did she approve it? Why was not the community consulted? Will East Bethesda awake to more killed BCC trees tomorrow?

UPDATE 2:00 PM:  MCPS is cutting down trees at BCC High School to make way for classroom trailers and parking during construction of an addition.  MCPS claims this tree was cut down by PEPCO.  How many trees will BCC High School lose in total from PEPCO and MCPS construction?


  1. Either cut down the tree or have overcrowded classrooms. You choose.

    1. Says who? Sign your name. You are on the taxpayers payroll working for MCPS, so sign your name when you write these bullying comments.

      You really give yourself away with such inane responses. On what planet would those be the ONLY choices? Only on the MCPS "shut up and go away parents" planet!

      There are always more choices, MCPS administrators just couldn't be bothered to think about them or evaluate them. Too busy driving your take home car and going out to lunch on your MCPS credit card?

    2. One example: It's the "in" thing to put students in empty office space.

      Is downtown Bethesda completely rented out or are there some empty offices close to BCC High School?

    3. Parents: Please see the anonymous comment above. That is from MCPS.

      Why on earth do parents and guardians in Montgomery County continually tolerate that kind of response from public school system administrators?


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