Wednesday, January 6, 2016

After Radon Scandal, Bruce Crispell takes over as Acting Director, MCPS Dept. of Facilities Management

MCPS Dept. of Facilities Management
In December of 2015, James Song was the Director of the MCPS Department of Facilities Management.

As of this week, Bruce Crispell the Director of MCPS Long Range Planning is signing his name as:

Bruce Crispell, Acting Director
Department of Facilities Management
In the fall, Councilmember Craig Rice described the lack of radon testing by MCPS as a failure.
In this MyMCMedia Extra video, Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice, who chairs the Council’s Education Committee, describes Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) lack of follow up on radon testing in 26 schools and two other school buildings as “a failure” and, he says, “it can’t happen again.”
Councilmember Craig Rice also said that his staff had previously asked MCPS for information about radon levels in schools and had been "assured there was not an issue."
Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice said he was surprised to learn of elevated radon levels in 26 schools and two MCPS buildings last week. That’s because as the sponsor of a recently passed radon bill, he said, his staff previously asked the school district for information about radon levels and was assured there was not an issue.


  1. There isn't an issue about anything MCPS isn't willing to talk about. If they don't talk about it, it must not exist. #transparency

  2. James Song blatantly lied about many things to keep our elected officials (both BOE and County Council) in the dark and to influence bad decisions. "Not an issue" and "we have it handled" were two of his favorite statements, and they should have raised a red flag each time he said it!

    1. One giant mushroom factory.


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