Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MCPS rep a no-show at Olney Civic Assocation Meeting

No explanation and no apology issued by MCPS

Community leaders and residents from Olney, Brookville, Sandy Spring, and upper Rockville were left without a keynote speaker at the Greater Olney Civic Association (GOCA) meeting this evening when no one from MCPS showed up for a 30 minute presentation about the solar power plant proposed for the MCPS site on Cashell Road.

No one from MCPS phoned or emailed anyone from GOCA to advise that the MCPS representative would not be present.

The meeting went on without the speaker, but at the end of the meeting, the president of one of the HOAs adjacent to the site announced that his HOA was considering litigation over the proposed solar power plant.

Community members had requested that a Board of Education member attend an MCPS meeting held in November 2015 about the proposed solar power plant, but no one from the BOE was willing to attend.  Only a few community members had been advised in advance by MCPS about the November meeting.


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