Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Somerset Mayor Gives $25,000 + to Plastic Grass Fund for Somerset Elementary School #perks #artificialturf

The Somerset Elementary School fundraising to buy plastic grass for the elementary school playground has released the names of their top donors.  The top donor for the plastic grass fund is the Somerset Elementary School PTA, raising $80,000 toward the cost of the plastic field.

In the $25,000 and above category, we see the Mayor of Somerset.  How much "above" $25,000 is not shown. 

Remember, the cost of maintenance and replacement of this plastic grass field on a stone/concrete base will be on the citizens of Montgomery County.  Get ready to kick in your share of the cost in the coming years.  This is what we call "equity" in Montgomery County.


  1. Just one of Jeffrey Slavin’s many proclivities, where he has to insert himself into a controversy by making use of his inherited assets.

  2. Since the minds of youth are elastic
    Let’s not partake with the gymnastic
    And concentrate our efforts instead
    Encasing them in wall-to-wall plastic.


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