Friday, January 22, 2016

Wide variance in hours spent in testing public schools kids, commission finds

In Queen Anne's County, second graders take 28 hours of locally mandated tests each year, the highest in any Maryland school system. In Montgomery County, they take just four hours of county required assessments but that number climbs to 23 to 26 hours by the time students are in high school.
In Carroll County, high school seniors take 32 hours of required tests -- not counting the statewide assessments -- the highest amount in the state, along with Cecil County. In Howard County high schools, seniors take no locally mandated assessments.
What do these numbers mean? What does it tell us that Howard County public schools, regarded as some of the best in the state, spend some of the fewest hours testing their students? Yet equally well-regarded schools in Montgomery County require tests in middle and high school that take three, four and even five times as many hours?...

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