Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bowers Putting Cell Tower on Another Red Zone School Playground. 80% Free & Reduced Lunch School to Get Cell Tower

Yellow dots show existing cell towers on MCPS playgrounds.
Larry Bowers time as superintendent is almost up, but he still has one more cell tower he wants to put on a Red Zone (low income student population) playground.

The pink arrow in the image at left shows the location of Neelsville Middle School in Germantown.

As reported by ABC7 in 2015:  MCPS places controversial cellular towers at predominantly high-poverty schools, stats show

The agenda item shown below details that MCPS staff have already taken this proposal to the Montgomery County Tower Committee without the approval of the land owner, the Board of Education.  Superintendent Larry Bowers is pushing ahead with this construction project without the approval of the Board of Education.

FARMS = Free and Reduced Meals, an indicator of poverty.


  1. Shady Grove Middle said no to a cell tower

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  3. Neelsville MS has said NO also, but it doesn't look like they are following their policy!

  4. Daly Elementary said NO to a cell tower, but MCPS erected one anyway. AND Daly ES is less than a mile away from Neelesville MS.....but when MCPS has schools with high FARMS rates, they know that parent participation is low as well which makes it easier for them to bully their way in and do whatever they want.
    The neighborhood surrounding Neelesville MS don't even go to Neelesville! They get bused over to MLK MS!


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