Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Breaking: State Audit Flags Special Education Lawyer's Contract with Board of Education

MCPS "management" thinks not knowing what you are paying for is good money management.

This section of the 2016 Maryland State Office of Legislative Services audit of MCPS speaks for itself.  

Montgomery County taxpayers, you pay for this. 


  1. The cost factor is one issue but the reason to hire expensive private attorneys to bully parents of special needs children should also be targeted. The culture needs to change and MCPS keeps denying there is any serious issues.

  2. The Inspector General for Montgomery County should be investigating this issue. Government - including school government - is supposed to be transparent and the money trail should be subject to public scrutiny and oversight. The way this compensation system is set up ensures there is no way the public, an auditor, or anyone else can know whether these legal services are being rendered in a cost-effective way to ensure proper use of taxpayer money. This is an issue of public accountability - and is separate from the issue re whether MCPS should be employing this brand of scorch and burn attorney to begin with.


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