Friday, May 27, 2016

Controversy Erupts at B-CC High School Over Punishment of Students Who Were Allegedly Drunk at Prom

Controversy Erupts at B-CC High School Over Punishment of Students Who Were Allegedly Drunk at Prom: Teachers, parents unhappy after Interim Superintendent Larry Bowers overruled principal on decision to ban students from graduation ceremony

The reversal of the decision to ban six Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (B-CC) seniors from next week’s graduation ceremony because they were allegedly drunk at prom has caused a furor among some staff, parents and teachers.
Members of the school community who spoke to Bethesda Beat Friday said the reversal—which came from Interim Superintendent Larry Bowers after formal appeals from the students and their families—undermines the authority of Principal Donna Redmond Jones and flies in the face of a renewed effort to end underage drinking before prom, homecoming and other school events.
Jones, the school’s first-year principal, instituted the rule that any student who showed up drunk or was found drinking at the May 6 prom wouldn’t be allowed to receive his or her diploma at the school’s graduation ceremony Wednesday at DAR Constitution Hall.


  1. Top down breakdown
    Up town or down town
    To smile or to frown
    To crown or to drown
    To discipline or to clown.

  2. This is nothing more than parents with some influence pressuring Board of Education and Mr. Bowers to the detriment of the community and their own children in the long run. This has been going on at B-CC for years, and the community had hopes that the new principal, Dr. Jones, would be able to turn things around. The message it sends is horrible. Larry Bowers is a coward.

    1. It's not what you know, but who you know.

  3. Larry Bowers can clearly be bought $$$. Very dissapointing. His argument for overruling the principal doesn't even make sense! Dissapointing.

  4. Have no fear BOE will instill fear:

    1. Right after Friday Happy Hour! BOE member happily posted pictures of her cocktail on Friday at the end of a "long" week of graduations.

      Showing the kids how it's done.

    2. "How's it's done" with flair and music in the air.


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