Monday, May 30, 2016

Larry Bowers: Let Tyler Walk! #graduation #damascus

Let Tyler Walk!

Tyler is a senior at Damascus High School and was out for 3 months in November 2015 for a total spine replacement surgery. Tyler is a special needs student in the Learning for independence program (LFI). Due to the time he missed whether it's excused or unexcused from being out for the surgery/recovery his parents were informed he will not be allowed to walk with his graduating class. 

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  1. 900 signatures!!! 100 more to go to get to 1,000... PLEASE sign the petition. Thank you.

  2. Posted at about 6:00 PM on 5/31/16 on (over 1,000 signatures!!!)
    Victory! Tyler will be walking with his class Friday June 3, 2016! Thanks again for everyone's Support!


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