Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How the synthetic turf industry is bypassing children’s safety

Shredded tires were sold as materials to surface our youngest children's playgrounds and to infill synthetic turf fields before any testing was done to see if the material was safe for such uses. Now the government is looking to thoroughly find the answer to ensure American kids are not at risk during recess.
A synthetic turf study undertaken in 2016 by four United States agencies  — EPA, Consumer Products Safety Commission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry — is incredibly important for the health and safety of a whole generation of children who are being exposed to synthetic turf fields infilled with waste tire-crumb rubber.
As many scientists and physicians became concerned about these new uses for waste tires, some independent testing began. These independent studies looked at what chemicals were in the tires, how much the chemicals out-gassed, how children were actually exposed and what happened as the fields heated up in the warmer months.

A study done at Yale University found 96 chemicals in the waste tire materials. Of those, only half had any federal testing done on them and, of the half that had been tested, 11 of those chemicals were carcinogenic and 20 were skin, eye and respiratory irritants.
Some independent studies looked at the heat effects of synthetic turf. The University of Arkansas found that when the outside air was 98 degrees, the air just above synthetic turf fields was anywhere from 173 to as high as 199 degrees. In New York it was found that when the outside air was 89 degrees, synthetic turf fields ranged from 145 to 160 degrees. The Toronto Department of Public Health found that synthetic turf fields became hotter than asphalt in the sun.
What does this extreme heat do to the chemicals in waste tire materials?  The extreme heat causes the carcinogens and irritants in the material to be far more available for human uptake and exposures — the fields and playgrounds with shredded waste tires become even more dangerous...


  1. In a business oriented society individuals are the cannon fodder.

  2. Corporations are in charge of the nation
    Lining their pockets using virtual inflation
    Feeding the common people hallucination
    With their high tech gadgets of temptation
    Hiring the politicians for their protection
    As artful masters of distortion and deception.

  3. This is what parents want. They have fought to have these crumb rubber playing fields in all the schools in Montgomery County. Go to a Booster Club or PTSA meeting sometime and listen to the discussion. They can't wait for these fields. If that's what they want for their children, why stand in their way? The parents know what's best for their children.

    1. An expedient method of population control.


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