Thursday, October 1, 2009

Schools Identifying 50% or More as GT & Expenditures by Public Schools for 2007

A school that identified more than 80% as GT did so for three years until an analysis was published showing that the number was inconsistent with student performance on MSAs and TerraNova.

A significant number of schools identified 50% or more of their second graders as GT.

All this in a school system that outspent other Maryland public school systems.

GT education is mandated by state law and MCPS needs to step up to the plate and implement a GT program that conforms to established best practices and accepted standards and norms.

GT education cannot be filibustered away by an advisory committee or a political group. Nor is it a title to be awarded at whim. It is, to repeat myself, a legal requirement for a student population we need to nurture and cannot simply wish away.

Raw GT data, published by MCPS, is also available here (2005), here (2006), here (2007), and here (2008).

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  1. Posted the same link in another post, but if possible could you also do an analysis of ranking among high schools in the nation and the percentage of kids identified as GT in lower grades? MCPS does have a surprising large number, but perhaps one would expect it to be higher (although not as high as measured currently) than other school systems.


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