Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cell tower for Silver Spring Kindergarteners!

Superintendent Jerry Weast is installing a cell phone tower right next to the current location of the Oakland Terrace Elementary School kindergarteners. The school building on Dennis Avenue also houses Sligo Middle School and a MCPS Infants and Toddlers Program. 

Here's what this school playground has to look forward to: click here!

Does it seem like Silver Spring and Wheaton schools get more cell towers than other parts of the County? Dont' Blair HS, Northwood HS, Einstein HS, Springbrook HS, Kennedy HS and Wheaton HS all have cell towers? And then there is Daly Elementary School where the PTA and the community were opposed to the placement but Superintendent Jerry Weast signed the lease anyway. 

How is it that Whitman HS, Pyle Middle School and Julius West Middle School were all able to successfully oppose the placement of a cell tower on those school sites? 

Cell phone tower for Sligo Creek Middle School and Oakland Terrace Elementary School Kindergarteners


  1. Do your research before you have knee jerk reaction. There is no problem with this as cellular is non-ionizing radiation not ionizing such as with x-rays. Think about this, you put your food in front of a 1200 watt (microwave) transmitter then eat it but are worried about a 40 watt transmitter 80' feet up? A rooftop installation (such as on most dc public schools) might have some exposure issues if not properly done but the exponential decay of the signal from an 80-100' tower is a none issue.

    1. Why don't you try reading the Harvard Law School of Ethics article on Telecom Corruption and their blocking of studies on radiation effects from cell towers. Effects range from headaches to many cancers including Leukemia and Brain Tumors. The link is:

      If link does not work, please just google it. Also, the FCC radiation threshold levels are dated and the FCC Director is looking into revising them.
      Many scientists think cell phone radiation chronic exposure is the largest human experiment in the world since there are no studies to ensure is safe, on the contrary concerned scientist have to try to prove the health issues to justify regulation. Currently, the Telecom industry regulates itself in regards of levels of radiation the towers emit.

  2. Sorry 6:20 you are way off the mark.

    A cell tower is a commercial use of public school land. That puts private workers on public school land 24/7. Check out the problems that have been experienced at Daly Elementary School with workers coming on to the playground without checking in to the school's front office. Also check out the failure of the companies to maintain these locations as per the leases.

    You are also ignoring that cell tower compounds are HAZMAT locations. They are to registered with the County Fire Department. That's an issue because certain cell phone companies do NOT want to register.
    A HAZMAT location presents a more serious issue in the event of a fire.

    Next issue, who approves these locations? Funny, the leases say the Board of Education but they haven't voted or signed any of these leases.

    Next - the money from these leases goes where? When you find out how the money is spent and who spends it please let us know. The money doesn't go into the MCPS Operating Budget.

    Last, where are the property taxes on these locations? Let us know if they are being paid and how much each site is being assessed in property taxes.

    Get back to us when you have researched these issues. Thanks,

  3. Oakland Terrace 33% FARMS -cell tower
    Sligo MS has 49% FARMS-cell tower
    Pyle MS 1.7% FARMS-no cell tower
    Julius West 27.2% FARMS-no cell tower
    Whitman HS 2.7% FARMS-no cell tower
    Blair 32.2% FARMS-cell tower
    NOrthwood 33.3% FARMS-cell tower
    Einstein 39.3% FARMS-cell tower
    Springbrook 39.1% FARMS-cell tower
    Kennedy 44.2% FARMS-cell tower
    Wheaton 57.3% FARMS-cell tower
    Daly ES 59.3% FARMS-cell tower

  4. If anyone wants information about the adverse impacts of cell towers, especially with regard to children, go to Their "Links" and "Questions and Answers" pages have a wealth of information, including "School New Links."


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