Monday, February 28, 2011

TBD News: Cell Tower for Sligo Middle School and Oakland Terrace Kingergarten

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  1. I love the quote from T-mobile's Jason Campbell that extra money will be generated for the school system.
    These funds generated are split three ways: the host school gets a third, MCPS gets a third and then the schools in the cluster divide up the remaining third.
    The funds don't go into any sort of educational line item on the MCPS budget, they are funneled back into the Department of Facilities Management. The funds at the school levels are used at the principals discretion. Unless someone asks, the principal can use it for whatever they deem necessary and are not held accountable as they are not a part of the school's yearly budget.
    So are these towers and compounds really helping the schools? How do we know they are?
    And from past experience, the upkeep on the cell tower compound from T-mobile is non-existent and unprofessional. Search Daly Elementary Cell Tower on this blog and you will see what I am referring to.
    Jennifer Kerchaert


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