Sunday, December 9, 2012

BOE Member Mike Durso's "Opposed" recorded as "In Favor" on 2,000 Promethean Board purchase

BOE Member Mike Durso's hand raised in opposition
to Superintendent Joshua Starr's Resolution to purchase
2,000 Interactive White Boards.
On September 11, 2012, Board of Education member Mike Durso voted to oppose Superintendent Starr's plan to purchase 2,000 Interactive White Boards and wireless access for elementary schools.  

Instead of his vote being recorded in the minutes as in opposition to the Resolution, the minutes of that meeting state that the Board of Education voted to unanimously approve Superintendent Starr's Resolution.   

RESOLUTION NO. 405-12  [See page 17 of BOE Minutes for September 11, 2012]Re: APPROVAL OF CONTRACTS AND FISCAL
On recommendation of the superintendent and on motion of Mrs. O’Neill seconded by
Mr. Barclay, the following resolution was adopted unanimously by members present:#WHEREAS, Board of Education approval is required to purchase Promethean
interactive classroom technology systems for approximately 2,000 elementary school
classrooms at a total cost of $8,949,719, and to finance the purchase with Dell
Financial Services L.L.C. for a five-year period; and...

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  1. The Gazette also reported that Durso voted to OPPOSE the whiteboard purchase.


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