Saturday, December 1, 2012

Navarro's Field of Dreams

Back in 2008, this was how the Board of Education (President Nancy Navarro) and Superintendent Jerry Weast were "selling" the plan to "partner" with a private soccer club to build a professional sized soccer stadium at Richard Montgomery High School.  This week the private soccer club announced they were going out of business.  Navarro & Weast's public/private partnership only lasted a little over 3 1/2 years. 

Don't miss the slide that announced:  
The human body is unable to digest the rubber material contained in the infill. Any ingested rubber will pass right through the human digestive system

More Than Just a Field


  1. You must realize that millions of bacteria pass through (and live) in the human digestive tract every single day. Oh no, our children are exposed to pathogens! The horror! Please relax and understand that our world is filled with germs and bacteria that are far worse than a few pieces of crumb rubber passing through your digestive system.

    1. Readers, above is a great example of how people hide behind anonymous comments.

      Only someone making a lot of money in the ground up tire industry would suggest that it is acceptable for children to ingest ground up used tires.


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