Thursday, December 6, 2012

Restaurant Won't Serve Without Approved Blair Student ID

From the Montgomery Blair High School SGA Twitter feed we see a sign that says that this restaurant will not serve students unless they have a school identification card with a sticker on the back stating they are "approved to leave school early".
The sign says "students are not permitted to leave school grounds between the hours of 7:25 - 2:10 PM".  Is this 7 days a week? Summer? Vacation? Half days?  
How do the restaurants know who is a Blair student in the first place?  Can any patron risk being "carded" when they enter this restaurant? 
Does Montgomery Blair High School have a problem with students skipping school that can be solved by local restaurants? What's going on with all the school security, IQEye cameras and surveillance? 


  1. Good for this Jerry's! Blair obviously has a closed lunch policy, so this sign does not necessarily mean that Blair has a problem with kids skipping school. Then again, what good is this blog w/o a little bit of hysteria thrown in?

    1. Good for Jerry's? As a Churchill teacher, why don't you explain exactly how this "policy" can be enforced and who will do the enforcing?

      If a teen walks into this restaurant on any school day how do the people that work at the store know the teen is a Blair student?

      What if they ask for an ID and the teen says they don't have one? Then what? The restaurant will turn away a paying customer, even if the customer isn't a Blair student at all? Home schooled and private school students beware, they can't eat at this restaurant if Blair HS is in session?

      And why on earth should Churchill HS students be allowed to jump in their cars and race to the Cabin John mall for lunch everyday, and Blair HS students can't walk across the street and get a sandwich? Add in the BCC students that spill out into Bethesda everyday for lunch, too.


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