Friday, May 15, 2015

Houlihan: Consultant

Background on the Board of Education's pick for the next MCPS superintendent.
B.A. in Elementary Education, Elon University. Before moving to his current position at Shaker High School in New York, Andrew was the Second Grade Lead Teacher at Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School in North Carolina. Prior to beginning his tenure there he served on the North Carolina State Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Committee and the Governor’s Teacher Advisory Committee for Character in Education. In addition to teaching, Andrew holds the position of consultant for the International Center for Leadership in Education


  1. I hope this is a prank. The BOE can't be serious. No experience? Godson of Grier who suggested him for the position?

  2. It sounds like because of his father's connections this kid has done nothing but resume building his entire life. He's never held any position for more than 2 years. He's never actually done any work. Entitlement has been his lifestyle, everything handed to him on a silver platter. He doesn't know the meaning of work.

  3. The board had better choice than this guy - I guess he'll spend the next two years on a listening tour. Well what can you expect from a group that includes O'Neil, a 20-year veteran of the board, and Kaufman, another longtime BOE member, who thought that students should skip their math finals and allow their PARCC math scores to be used instead, in order to cut down on the number of tests the students were taking (and hide the fact that hundreds of students will once again flunk their Algebra finals because of the MCPS' curriculum staff's incompetence). That O'Neil and Kaufman lack fundamental knowledge about the nature of educational assessments is unfathomable. Now here is another bad decision but the BOE. They definitely had much batter choices than this neophyte.

  4. This "preferred candidate" comes from a district with a completely different funding source than Montgomery County, he would not have a clue how to navigate the budget politics. the state of Texas rejected the Common Core State Standards curriculum, has it's own high stakes assessments, which have not been all that successful. As a clone of the current Houston Supt. it would appear that he holds the same education philosophy as his current boss and a good portion of the Houston minority community wants him fired. Dr. Houlihan is totally unready to lead MCPS and the BOE ought to be ashamed to even consider him.

    1. The same BOE candidates have been elected over and over and over again by the voters of Montgomery County. This is exactly the type of "leadership" the voters of Montgomery County want and love.
      The Apple Ballot has heartily endorsed the majority of the BOE over and over and over. This is exactly the type of leadership MCPS teachers want and love.

    2. This is tantamount to expecting a pair of sixes every time you toss a pair of dice.

    3. Exactly Janis! People have got to wake up and CHANGE the BOE members. If they hire this kid, they all need to go!

      We did get one non Apple ballot win this year, Jill Ortman-Fouse. A small break through, I know for me it was the 1st time I went against the Apple ballot, and I plan on doing it again.

  5. Honestly, as someone who is 36, I'm confused by this pick. I read through his resume and read parts of his Treatise Proposal (dissertation), and I don't get it. Beyond being around it, I don't see much leadership in his published info. He seems very administrative in nature. In reading his dissertation, it's basically a "what do educators look at" type report, but doesn't really show any evidence of whether educators are looking at the right things. Basically except for statements around hiring and firing, I didn't see much about his actual contribution at HISD.

    Now that said, part of the challenge is MCPS is too big for it's own good. I suspect as hard as it might be, the district needs to be broken up. With 150K children, ti's nearly impossible to effect changes that have positive impacts.

    In case you're looking, look here:


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