Monday, May 18, 2015

Keystone Cops Take Over MCPS Superintendent Search

Keystone Cops

The search for a new superintendent to take the helm over Montgomery County Public Schools is turning into a comedy.  

At least, that is one way to read what has been happening since our former superintendent, Joshua Starr, walked away from the job a few months ago.

First, we get a secret search- but its not so secret, because several candidates talk to the media. Perhaps they didn't realize that everyone else in the process signed a confidentiality agreement.  

Then, we get a candidate who withdraws almost as soon as his name is put out as the "preferred" choice.  What exactly is the preferred choice, and how did we get to this point without a convened meeting of the Board of Education?  Did the Board of Education actually meet? 

Rumors abound as to why Drew Houlihan with-Drew his name.  Did the school system have buyers remorse? Did he forget to check out the school system?   Not a good sign if Drew doesn't do his own research.  

Tonight, the latest development is that that Alan Goodwin, a self-described "leader" of the esteemed Montgomery County Association of Administrators & Principals (MCAAP), otherwise known as the MCPS Principals Union,  asks that MCPS keep Larry Bowers, its interim superintendent, on for another year.

Is Mr. Bowers doing a good job?  Does he want to stay?  Lets see that performance evaluation!  Are we happy with the way he handled Rock Terrace fraud?  Are we happy that he let the the numerous sex offenders stay in the classrooms?  Lets talk about this.

Do we know that the current superintendent search will yield no viable candidate by September 1?  Looks like someone broke one of those precious confidentiality agreements by speaking with Alan. 

And - who gave Alan the authority to appoint an interim superintendent for a year?    Yes, Alan is a member of the MCAAP board (a Vice President for the High School Chapter), but when did this entity meet?  

When did Alan have time to talk to his membership?  He's also the principal of Walt Whitman High School, and its testing week.  Does his school run so smoothly that he can conduct union business?  Or did he just canvass a number of his friends for support over coffee (29 agree with Alan - any dissenters)?  Recall MCPS has over 200 schools, and MCAAP membership extends to other administrators in the school buildings.  According to its website, MCAAP has over 750 members.   Do the math - Alan's recommendation is based on less than 4 percent of the Administrators in MCAAP.

And what about the teachers?  The service workers union?  The parents?  Or taxpayers?

Sorry Alan - you lose your Keystone Cops badge.  Don't pretend to represent the rest of the County, or even your membership.  

As for the rest of us?  We'd like a superintendent who will serve the students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers, and be honored to take the helm in Montgomery County

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  1. We're in good hands with the Keystone State Cops!


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