Sunday, May 31, 2015

Synthetic Turf Can Deteriorate to Form Dust Containing Lead

And here is what the Walter Johnson High School artificial turf field looks like now.  The green plastic blades are deteriorating, shredding and turning into dust that can be inhaled by field users.

This picture shows the plastic grass blades at WJHS. Everything shown in this picture is plastic. The plastic has broken apart as the blades have deteriorated in the sun.


  1. The good news is that the little kids at Somerset E. that will be exposed to lead dust have rich parents that can afford great medical care.
    In MD apartments have to be checked for lead paint, but no one is checking artificial turf fields for lead content. Breathe in kids!

  2. The high level folks making these decisions have to be heavy smokers who go to happy hour every night and are more concerned about their next political move than soberly evaluating the science. They probably think it is a cool thing to have asthma and carry an inhaler and even cooler to acquire lead poisoning and carry around a portable oxygen tank. What do they care. They will take their trumped up pensions and be in Arizona or Florida one day where they have happy hour pensioner discussions every night about their fresh smelling, all natural lawns at the retirement community they live in and forget what they did to others to get there.


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