Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Will Montgomery Knolls Elem. School Get an Artificial Turf Playground? Look at the Dirt! (#BowersPerks aren't for Silver Spring.)

Will Montgomery Knolls Elementary School get an artificial turf playground due to all the dirt on their field?

Looks like a lot of dirt on the Montgomery Knolls Elementary School playground in Silver Spring.


  1. If the issues are “Dirt” and “Social/Education Justice,” then the focus should not be limited to our elementary schools. Consider Springbrook High School, in Silver Spring. Historically, Springbrook has been less chosen/desired than its Northeast Consortium counterparts, Paint Branch and Blake. It is an old school (with a high FARMS rate), and it undergoes intense use of its limited land, which often leaves playfields as, well … dirt.
    Since the time of its 1994 modernization, through a combination of school land conveyances to the county and leasing of school land for commercial use (a.k.a. cell tower) the school land has dropped in size from what was already an unusually small size for a high school, 27.4 acres, to its current size of less than 25 acres, which is below the recommended minimum 30 usable acres for high schools, and far below the acreages of Blake and Paint Branch, which are 91.1 acres and 46.0 acres, respectively.
    Installing some turf is one thing that MCPS could do to make Springbrook a more competitive Choice.

    See the dirt: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.0578987,-77.0065164,368m/data=!3m1!1e3

    1. What perks are you willing to throw at Larry Bowers

    2. Springbrook? You are kidding right? The BOE doesn't give a hoot if Springbrook is competitive. Somerset Elementary on the other hand will get their $550,000 field. Who do you think contributes to the campaigns of the BOE and County Council? Our elected officials don't care if Springbrook is competitive. They care where they can have their next cocktail party fundraiser.

    3. FYI - Did you notice when Jamie Raskin announced his campaign recently he had the announcement in Takoma Park and then ran right over to Potomac for his first fundraiser.

    4. Did he find the end of the rainbow?

    5. Pot o' Gold

    6. You don't mince your words, do you.


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