Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cash found in safe

Cash was found in a MCPS safe this month, but The Washington Post will only report when cash is found in a DC  school.


The audit, first obtained by NBC Washington, revealed that Evans unilaterally controlled the counting of money going into and out of the student activity fund, which is against DCPS policy, and was routinely late in depositing money from DCIAA events into the account. The audit did not identify Evans or other DCIAA officials by name, but it attributes claims to the athletic director during the years in which Evans held the position.
According to the audit, there was more than $32,000 in uncounted cash discovered in bags within a DCIAA safe once Evans left the office on maternity leave in June. Investigators noted in the audit that there was a Wells Fargo branch down the street from the current DCIAA headquarters where officials could have deposited the money.


  1. @PostBaron, are you really the same person portrayed in the movie Spotlight, who was so very focused on local issues that you kept together and protected the 'Spotlight' group of investigative journalists. What the hell happened when you got to DC? You stood up to the Catholic Church, but as for MCPS, not so much.


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