Thursday, May 19, 2016

BOE Successfully Withheld 2015 State Audit of MCPS through Budget Process #waste #fraud #abuse #accountabilityfail

MCPS has had the 2015 State Audit for months.  The Board of Education has even been told about the 2015 State Audit. (Click on the link below.)  But, the 2015 State Audit has not been made public as of this morning when the County Council finalized the Board of Education's budgets.

That's a big win for county "values!" 
Montgomery County "values" secrecy, waste, fraud and abuse in budgeting.  

It's "historic" as it is history repeating itself. 
We know the 2015 State Audit is going to show areas where MCPS could improve in their management of public funds, but who wants that? 

Now, which taxpayer funded credit card is going to be used to take the Council and BOE out to dinner tonight to celebrate?

Another Bad Audit for MCPS. 2015 State Audit of MCPS Shows SAME Findings as in 2009.

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