Monday, December 3, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: BCC AUDITS Show Mismanagement of Student Funds

BCC Audit of student funds controlled by administrators revealed that school understated debt "by at least $61,000."

Today, the only place you can read about how the adults at BCC High School in Bethesda have been handling student funds is here on the Parents' Coalition blog.  
MCPS doesn't want you to read these documents and has not posted them to their Audit website

The Tattler is the BCC High School student newspaper.
We have obtained the 2008 and 2011 Audits of BCC High School.  The reports aren't good. Both Audits show extensive mismanagement of student funds by the adults in charge.  When adults mismanage student funds, what happens?  Students have to fund raise to cover the debt created by the adults.   

2008 Audit: Understated debt by at least $61,000
BCC HS IAF Audit 052809

2011 Audit:  Needs Improvement - $21,000 contract signed without required approval - lack of control over use of MCPS American Express cards by school personnel
2011 BCC High School Audit

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