Thursday, June 24, 2010

3,300 Out of Date MCPS Classrooms

We saw this coming. Too bad the Board of Education didn't. 

We showed our readers that the technology existed to make an Interactive White Board for under $100 from parts purchased at an electronics store. 

The "writing was on the wall" as they say. 

MCPS' Promethean Boards aren't even paid for yet, lease payments are still due, and the next generation of interactive whiteboards is being introduced. 

Imagine a cheaper, wireless and more compact set up using existing classroom whiteboards. It's here!

Here's the pitch for the new Mimio system that turns existing whiteboards (no need to purchase a whiteboard to put in front of an existing whiteboard) in classrooms into Interactive whiteboards by just attaching their "bar":
"Unlike bulky conventional whiteboards, mimio's technology is housed in a compact bar that attaches easily to any whiteboard, converting it into a vibrant teaching medium. The mimio Interactive Stylus acts like a mouse, so you can manipulate anything on your computer screen right from the whiteboard."

Here's the price list for the Mimio component parts. Compare to the average of over $5,000 per Promethean Board that MCPS paid here. 

See the image at right for what you need from the Mimio system to turn any laptop computer and LCD projector into an interactive projection system.  By using existing whiteboards and a wireless system, Mimio allows teachers to continue to use dry-erase markers on their boards and keeps the front of the classroom free of additional equipment and structures.

It's the next generation of Interactive Whiteboards! 

(But it's not going to be used in MCPS, we are still making lease payments on Promethean Boards purchased by MCPS COO Larry Bowers.)


  1. And the study from the Office of Shared Accountability evaluating the return on investment in Promethean's Interactive White Board technology?

    Measured changes in student achievement? Change in graduation rates?

    Or how about the change in the number of You Tube hits from MCPS IP addresses?

    Bob Astrove

  2. Mimio is not new. I saw demos for this product at least five years ago.


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