Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parks Disputes MCPS Cost Data

The M-NCPPC Department of Parks has submitted a 10 year cost comparison of natural grass football fields versus artificial turf football fields to the Montgomery County Council for a hearing on artificial turf environmental concerns on July 1, 2010.

But the numbers are very different from what MCPS submitted to the County Council in February 2008. Remember? Superintendent Jerry Weast said, "The 10-year life-cycle cost to install artificial turf is approximately the same as the 10-year life-cycle cost to install and properly maintain a natural grass field."

But now M-NCPPC says that the 10 year cost of a natural grass football field is $555,000. 

In 2008 MCPS told the Council that the 10 year cost of a natural grass football field was $967,500.

Why is there a $412,500 difference in the cost of a natural grass football field from the M-NCPPC number to the MCPS number? Whose cost quote for a natural grass football field is correct?  

Here is what MCPS showed the County Council for a cost comparison in 2008:

But on July 1, 2010, the M-NCPPC Parks Department will tell the County Council that this is the cost comparison: 

How come when M-NCPPC Department of Parks buys an artificial turf football field it costs $865,000, but when MCPS buys an artificial turf field it costs $981,000


  1. "Replacing the crumb rubber?"
    Why do they have to replace the crumb rubber?
    Where does it go?
    (oh, that's right...into our homes, cars, water supply, landfill.....)

  2. On the last point, to be fair, compare the full 10-year costs, which are $981K (MCPS) vs. $995K (M-NCPPC). MCPS pays 35K more for installation, but counts $49K for upkeep. That's a big number (37% less than M-NCPPC) and may be a big lie. I say that because MCPS' lips are moving.

  3. The $981K number for artificial turf for MCPS is a complete fantasy.

    MCPS paid $1.2 million for the WJ artificial turf field.

    MCPS WAY over pays for artificial turf installations. But why not? No one is paying attention.


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