Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Weast Wants for California


1. This presentation, in California, is dated June 22, 2010. That same date was a Board of Education Worksession on Educational Facilities. Why was Weast in California instead of Rockville at a scheduled Board of Education worksession?

2. This presentation, in California, is described as Weast speaking on California's Race to the Top application. Did I miss something here? When exactly did Jerry Weast jump with both feet into the "Race to the Top" pool here in Maryland? Now money that isn't worth it for Montgomery County is good enough for California?

3. Two Words: Travel Freeze.

4. Anyone ever heard of Skype?

UPDATE: It appears that Jerry Weast did TWO presentations in California on two different days: one, the subject of the video, was for the "Bay Area Council." The second presentation was for an association of California school admininstrators on "Leading for Equity."


  1. Looks like some folks from California came to Montgomery County on a "fact finding" trip recently.


    Did they visit our classrooms (like the customers of the Pearson Curriculum will be doing)?

  2. At the kickoff meeting for Marc Elrich (D-At large), Judy Docca, BOE member, was asked about a travel freeze, and her response was that there IS a travel freeze in effect at MCPS. Dozens of people heard her.

  3. I wonder what they thought of Weast's ban on school vegetable gardens here in Montgomery County, MD, given that the Bay area is the birthplace, more or less, of the healthy school gardens movement (not forgetting to give kudos to USDA which also pushes for these school gardens).

    Any Bay Area foodies out there?

  4. Curiouser and Curiouser: The video is dated June 22. The Agenda for the meeting shows another presentation for June 23:
    Leading for Equity: The Pursuit of Excellence in Montgomery County Public Schools
    Montgomery County Public Schools the largest and most diverse school system in Maryland and the 16th largest district in the nation. The district has students from more than 164 countries, speaking 134 languages and about two-thirds are living in poverty. Thirty-four of the district’s schools are National Blue Ribbon schools. Hear about the district’s ambitious comprehensive reform effort designed to raise academic standards and narrow the achievement gap for nearly 140,000 students.

    Were there two presentations? Anyone else from MCPS go?

  5. Clear that old, dilapidated school buildings and portables in Montgomery County are boring (that was the Board discussion) compared to going to California to talk about growing up with dirt and using a latrine.


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