Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Strand 2: The MCPS Schools in Strand 2 of MD's New Accountability Index

Clopper Mill Elementary 1.03
Clarksburg Elementary 1.01
Seneca Valley High 0.99
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle 0.98
Quince Orchard High 1
Poolesville Elementary 1
Roberto W. Clemente Middle 1.01
Rachel Carson Elementary 1.05
Garrett Park Elementary 0.99
Lakewood Elementary 1.16
Meadow Hall Elementary 1.03
Travilah Elementary 1.12
Farmland Elementary 1.16
Luxmanor Elementary 1.04
Wayside Elementary 1.17
Robert Frost Middle School 1.11
DuFief Elementary 0.94
Dr. Sally K. Ride Elementary 0.99
Thurgood Marshall Elementary 1.03
Northwest High 1.03
John H. Poole Middle 1.02
Clarksburg High 0.98
Burtonsville Elementary 1.11
Fairland Elementary 1.1
Broad Acres Elementary 1
Cannon Road Elementary 1.06
Stonegate Elementary 0.97
James Hubert Blake High 1.02
Benjamin Banneker Middle 1.03
Bethesda Elementary 0.98
Westbrook Elementary 1.04
Bradley Hills Elementary 1.1
North Bethesda Middle 1.1
Ashburton Elementary 0.98
Walt Whitman High 1.06
Sherwood Elementary 1.02
Olney Elementary 1.08
William H. Farquhar Middle 1.03
Cashell Elementary 1.13
Greenwood Elementary 1.05
Judith A. Resnik Elementary 1.13
Sligo Creek Elementary 1
Brooke Grove Elementary 0.99
Spark M. Matsunaga Elementary School 1.02
Goshen Elementary 1.02
Flower Hill Elementary 1.04
Gaithersburg Middle 1.02
Whetstone Elementary 1.06
Watkins Mill Elementary 1.02
South Lake Elementary 1.05
Diamond Elementary 1.08
Winston Churchill High 1.06
Bells Mill Elementary 1.06
Monocacy Elementary 1.03
Damascus High 1.04
Cedar Grove Elementary 1.09
Woodfield Elementary 1.14
Clearspring Elementary 1.06
Kingsview Middle 0.98
Dr. Charles R. Drew Elementary 0.98
Takoma Park Elementary 1.01
Montgomery Blair High 1.01
Pine Crest Elementary 1
Viers Mill Elementary 1.01
Highland Elementary 1.13
Eastern Middle School 1.01
Weller Road Elementary 0.99
Bel Pre Elementary 1.02
Kensington Parkwood Elementary 1.06
Wheaton Woods Elementary 1.07
Arcola Elementary 1.04
New Hampshire Estates Elem 1.02
Northwood High School 0.98
Springbrook High 0.97
Forest Knolls Elementary 1.03
Kemp Mill Elementary 1.03
Brookhaven Elementary 1.02
Parkland Middle 0.99
Glenallan Elementary 1.03
Rock Terrace School 1.02

If schools fall into Strand 2, the schools have a School Progress Index score greater than or equal to 0.9 and will have met at least two of their three targets for Achievement, Gap, and Growth (elementary/middle schools) or Achievement, Gap, and College- and Career-Readiness indicators (high schools) per grade span. The successes and challenges of schools in Strand 2 will be varied. Schools may excel at Mathematics but lag in reading or vice-versa. In this case, the balance of Achievement, Growth, Gap Reduction and College- and Career-Readiness Goals can yield relatively high-performing schools with targeted needs that, when addressed, could lead them to enter Strand 1.
More than one area of need may drive the school to focus on one and then another intervention sequentially or consider a quasi-systemic plan that would embrace all of the needs at once. The SIP process will again ensure that each subgroup is addressed and identified needs drive professional development for teachers and appropriate interventions for the students. MSDE will dictate no specific support for schools in Strand 2. However, it is expected that LEAs will take particular interest in the needs in these schools. Although an individual school’s assessment of data is recommended for sustained improvement, it will additionally serve as an excellent source for the LEA to determine system-wide professional development.
LEA monitoring for Strand 2 schools will be identical to the random inspection of SIPs as described for Strand 1, with a larger sample of four to five percent. MSDE will also require the LEA with Strand 2 schools to describe in the annual Master Plan Update the overall process for addressing the production of useful, focused SIPs; the commonalities discovered through this analyses and syntheses of data; and the system-wide professional development plan that emerges from that work. There will be specific language in the Master Plan guidance developed by the Bridge to Excellence (BTE) External Advisory Panel.

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