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The Latest from Wootton HS - no cell tower but possible expansion of the school?

Wootton HS in Rockville Maryland may not be getting a cell tower, but it isn't because the neighbors complained.

No, according to a memo from Superintendent of Schools Josh Starr, the staff in MCPS's own department of Facilities Management also had reservations about the cell tower placement.  The reason - the cell tower would not only take out numerous parking spots, but would pose "potential conflicts between the proposed location and the planned future revitalization and expansion of the school facility."

More students. This sounds as if the expansion is imminent.

Who knew?

Artificial Turf Debate Part 1: Concerns on artificial turf field

A New Jersey community debates the installation of artificial turf.  Part 1 is a letter from a parent.
I would say with confidence that the majority of us moved to Ho-Ho-Kus because it's a great family town with a wonderful school system. We obviously want the best for our kids, and although the desire to improve the school field and track is clearly well-intentioned, I am encouraging all of us to think about what is really best for our children as we consider replacing a huge natural grass field with a massive chemical field. 
Pros: It looks nice. It's low maintenance and a greater number of games can be played with fewer cancellations. 
Cons: It is a major heat hazard. Temperatures climb much higher than they do on grass and have been measured as high as 160-170 degrees on a warm day. Brigham Young University once recorded a temperature of 200 degrees on its synthetic field. Using (an excessive amount of) water to cool the field only works for a short period of time, as surfaces quickly reheat. Any temperature over 122 degrees can injure or burn skin in less than 10 minutes. Doctors claim that it can take only 2 seconds to burn skin on solid surfaces over 140 degrees. Other serious risks include dehydration and heat stroke. 
Additional thoughts: Who will constantly monitor the temperature of the field and how will the high temps be dealt with? How will incredibly high temperatures affect the adjacent playground and blacktop, and even possibly the school building? Also, how can children possibly perform well in PE or with their sports teams at these unhealthy temperatures? 
Kids who play on these artificial turf fields have an increased exposure to hazardous chemicals, some of which are carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), and according to Dr. D. Barry Boyd, Oncologist at Greenwich Hospital and the Yale Cancer Center, "these childhood exposures to environmental carcinogens may add to lifelong risk of cancer as well as the exposures to the many respiratory irritants and toxicants found off-gassing from these fields." Remember that athletes tend to have high ventilation rates while on these artificial fields. Increased temperatures and volume of people increase the off-gassing process.
- See more at:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

No Agenda for July 3rd BOE Credit Card Committee Meeting

The Board of Education committee that isn't a real committee is meeting again this week.  There is no agenda posted for the meeting.  

Maybe it's a planning meeting for a July 4th BOE barbecue? We know these Board members won't want to discuss the pending criminal investigation of their use of MCPS credit cards. 

Thursday, July 03

Ad Hoc Committee for Review of Board Processes and Guidelines on Board Expenditures Meeting 

Friday, June 27, 2014

MCPS Windfall for Algebra 1B Failures: Summer Class Costs $300 Per Student!

The Parents' Coalition had already heard from MCPS parents that there was a serious problem with the Algebra 1B exam scores prior to today's announcement.  

The parents were being told that their child failed the MCPS semester exam for Algebra 1B and that in order to advance to the next level of math in the fall their student would have to re-take Algebra 1B in the summer.  

Here's the catch.  Summer school is NOT FREE!  MCPS charges students $300 per summer school class. 

Hundreds of Algebra 1B students are now being told to re-take the class over the summer in order to pass the MCPS semester exam.  Taking the class in the summer will cost each of those students $300.  

Somehow the MCPS Press Release and The Washington Post have been unable to cough up that important detail. 

Starr's Friday Bad News: Higher number of students received failing grades on the Algebra tests - Starr to Add 15 Points for Everyone

Superintendent Joshua Starr's plan is to simply add 15 percentage points to the results of every test to make up for the high number of low and failing grades on the Algebra exams. (We are not making this up. This is not an article from The Onion.) 

MCPS Bad News for a Friday Afternoon Press Release: 
...In the process of reviewing the results of Algebra 1B semester exams, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) staff discovered that a higher than expected number of middle and high school students received low and failing grades on the tests... 
...Because students had no control over this loss of instructional time, the semester exams were recalculated... 
Read the press release at this link:

Board of Education At Large Results

Board of Education At Large
Top two will appear on the ballot in November.

Non-Partisan (Vote for One)

Name Party Early Voting Election Day Absentee / Provisional Total Percentage
Edward Amatetti
Non-Partisan 2,526 13,835 0 16,361 20.7%
Shebra Evans
Non-Partisan 5,671 19,303 0 24,974 31.6%
Merry Eisner Heidorn
Non-Partisan 1,802 9,201 0 11,003 13.9%
Jill Ortman-Fouse
Non-Partisan 5,068 21,746 0 26,814 33.9%

Last Updated 06/27/2014 05:52:47 PM

Montgomery College's Plan for Addressing the Achievement Gap

Recommendations: Benchmarks and Outcomes
 Allocate resources for data analysis and coordination of Latino and African/African‐
American student matriculation.
 Target intervention with Developmental Non‐Completers utilizing Non‐cognitive Predictors
of Student Success
 Construct courses that allow students who have successfully completed RD 099/103 and
are currently enrolled in EN002/EL103 to take credit level courses in a learning community
type setting (i.e. a PY102/AN101/SO101 that are blended with the EN002/EL104 course
 Analyze student success rates separately for African‐American and non‐native African‐
American students.
 Similarly, analyze success rates of US‐educated Latino students separately from those of
Latino students educated abroad.
 Study the ACCUPLACER test‐retest reliability for students placing into EN002 and RD099.

See  p. 7

Download the full report: Closing the Achievement Gap Task Force Final Report and Recommendations Dec 2013

or read it on SCRIBD.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

WPost: Report shows school disengagement among Latino youth

High dropout rates and school disengagement among Montgomery County’s fast-growing Latino population appear to stem from such factors as low expectations from teachers, a lack of parental involvement and not having regular computer access at home, according to a study released Thursday. 
The findings, from surveys of 960 young Montgomery County residents, show how disconnected some students are from their public schooling. The report comes as the county’s Latino student population has experienced a significant achievement gap, a topic that has become a central concern for the school district of 151,000 students. 
Latinos have the highest drop-out rates among racial and ethnic groups in Montgomery and make up more of the county’s kindergarten and first-grade classes than children from any other group, according to district and state data. Since 2000, Latino enrollment across all grades has jumped from 16 percent to 27 percent, district figures show...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maryland Special Education Needs Assistance - WBFF Fox Baltimore - Top Stories

Maryland Special Education Needs Assistance - WBFF Fox Baltimore - Top Stories

BOE Off Camera Today 9-5, Working Lunch at Noon

BOE Buffet 11/13/2013
Stop by 850 Hungerford Drive in Rockville today to see the Board of Education meeting.  The meeting isn't being televised and minutes of this meeting will be sparse. The only way for the public to find out what is being discussed is to stop by and observe.

It's an open meeting under the Maryland Open Meetings Act and the public is able to observe this meeting. If you stop by around noon you can also observe the BOE's working lunch.  Check out the buffet and let us know what is on today's menu.

Podcast: Restraints and Seclusion in Public Schools

by Minhee Cho
ProPublica, June 23, 2014, 12:21 p.m.
Full story and podcast here.

In public schools across the country, it’s perfectly legal to take students who act out and isolate them in confined spaces against their will or even physically pin them down, ProPublica’s Heather Vogell reports.

The little-known practice – which was used at least 267,000 times in the 2012 school year alone – has largely escaped federal regulation, even as other government-funded institutions like hospitals and psychiatric centers have faced increasing restrictions on using restraints and seclusion on children over the last decade.

“This has been left up to the states and the school districts themselves to regulate,” Vogell tells assistant managing editor Eric Umansky. “And although advocates have been pushing for more restrictions on the practices for the last few years, it’s still legal in most states to restrain kids for reasons other than an emergency where they’re going to hurt themselves or hurt someone else.”

In a recent survey, 1 in 5 superintendents and other school district leaders approved of using restraints or seclusion as a means of punishment for children, not to protect them, Vogell notes. And a majority of these kids have physical, emotional or intellectual disabilities – some are even nonverbal – yet many states don’t require parents to be notified when their child has been restrained or put in isolation.

Listen to the podcast:

Monday, June 23, 2014

The BOE isn't Communicating with about 90%* of Montgomery County

Today, the Board of Education released a memorandum from Superintendent Joshua Starr's doctoral resident.

In the memorandum Starr's doctoral resident surveys Board of Education members.

One of the questions asked of Board members was to name populations that Board communication efforts are not reaching.

According to Board of Education members they aren't reaching about 90% of Montgomery County residents.

*90% is just our guess of the percentage of Montgomery County residents that are included in this extensive list.

Starr's Dinner Buddy Critiques Board of Education Members

Grafton Street Pub & Grill, Cambridge, Massachusetts
In the MCPS credit card receipts that we obtained for Superintendent Joshua Starr there were two meals in Boston with someone named Gislaine Ngounou. Why was Superintendent Starr paying for meals for this person? No one knew, until today.

Today, the Board of Education released a memorandum from Gislaine Ngounou.  In the memorandum Ms. Ngounou is listed as "Doctoral Resident to the Superintendent of Schools."  Did anyone know there was a doctoral resident in MCPS?  The MCPS website does not list such a position.

Here are the receipts for the meals that Superintendent Starr charged on his MCPS credit card that list Gislaine Ngounou as his dinner guest.

This credit card receipt is not accompanied by an itemized receipt to show what was purchased.  All we know is that $47.66 was charged to the MCPS Operating Budget for a meal at the Grafton Street Pub & Grill in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 16, 2013.

On May 19, 2013, Superintendent Starr charged another meal with Gislaine Ngounou at the Boston Airport.

Ike Leggett's idea of work

In about a week, if you are a homeowner, you will be receiving your property tax bill in the mail.

If you are a renter, your landlord will receive a property tax bill, and your landlord will use a portion of your rent to pay the bill.

The tax bill will include a charge of over $200 for Solid Waste Service.   Here is where your money goes.

Shady Grove Waste Transfer Station, Montgomery County -- June 23, 2014

The above photo was taken on June 23, 2014, and is the standard scene at the Shady Grove Transfer Station any time that the facility is open for business.  These workers are not on a break.  They are getting paid to do what you see them doing.

Moments before the photo was taken, the worker on the left was reading a novel. He placed the book on the table a few moments before the photo was taken.

Vote No on Secret Budget Meetings

Tomorrow Montgomery County voters will have the chance to vote whether or not they want the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) budget set in public by the Board of Education or behind closed doors by a secret committee.

Maryland law calls for the MCPS budget to be set by the Board of Education in a public process, but that hasn't happened in the last decade. Click here to read how the MCPS budget used to be formulated.

The Parents' Coalition documented the existence of the MCPS backroom, secret budget committee in March of 2012 when we made public Agendas that were obtained through a Maryland Public Information Act request. You won't find these documents on the MCPS website.  

We know that participation in these backroom budget meetings requires the participants to sign confidentiality agreements.  Yes, the people that set the MCPS public school budget sign that they will keep the MCPS budget setting process a secret. Yes, it's a public budget funded from public dollars, but the participants in this backroom meeting don't think you should know what they discuss.

We know that all three unions, MCPS administrators and MCCPTA participate in these backroom budget meetings. There are no Board of Education members or representatives of the public permitted in the room for these meetings.

It's your choice.  The Apple Ballot candidates support the backroom, secret budget process that sets the MCPS budget without any community input or public process. Those are the candidates that will support this continuing violation of Maryland law.

Vote for the Apple Ballot to support the continuation of the backroom, secret budget meetings.

Vote to return the MCPS budget to the Board of Education table for a public budget process by choosing non-Apple Ballot candidates.

County Executive's Meetings: Meals/Snacks/Refreshments Budget

We don't know if the County Executive has a County credit card, but we do know that the County Executive also has a Meals/Snacks/Refreshment budget.

County Executive Policy Planning and Development: Meals/Snacks/Refreshments  $5,000

County Executive Chief Administrative Officer - Supervision and Management of Executive Branch: Meals/Snacks/Refreshments $5,000

Travel, training and education for the County Executive's office

More line item budgets for the County Executive's office can be found at the link below.


County Council Meals/Snacks/Refreshments

Recently we've heard in the news that Montgomery County Councilmembers don't have County credit cards.  Lest you think that County Councilmembers are going hungry, the annual meal, snack and refreshment budget for the County Council is $7,000.

For contrast, we note that the Montgomery County Inspector General's meal, snack and refreshment budget is $100.

We have also posted the Council budgets for local and non-local travel and conferences, and the budget for telephones and cell phones. See the images below.

Montgomery County Council Meetings: Meals/Snacks/Refreshments

Montgomery County Councilmembers offices:   $4,000
Montgomery County Council Staff Operations:  $3,000

Montgomery County Inspector General:  $100

County Councilmembers and Staff Travel and Conference Budgets:

County Councilmembers Telephones and Cell Phones Budgets:


Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Two Cents: Local Travel Tips For BOE Members

by Joseph Hawkins 
Dear Board of Education, 
Subject: Local travel tips to save money 
Thank goodness! You’re coming to your senses and plan to ban overnight hotel stays within a 50-mile radius of Rockville. With acts like this, you might just get your American Express credit card scandals behind you. 
Last week for work, I attended a U.S. Department of Education two-day conference at the Washington Hilton Hotel, located in D.C. This is the same Hilton some Board members back in February spent two nights in on the public’s dime. I thought I would share a few tips about how I behaved — all with the intent of being a good steward of (federal) taxpayer dollars and saving money. 
1. Sleep in your own bed. With the Hilton being a mere eight miles from my Bethesda home, it never crossed my mind to stay at the hotel. 
2. Eat your own food. I ate breakfast each morning before heading out to Hilton. It never occurred to me that someone else should pay for my morning granola. And even though I had several cups of coffee each day — all purchased from the hotel’s coffee shop, I’m not seeking reimbursement. On a normal work day, I would have paid for my own coffee anyway.
          ...continues at link below:

BOE Off Camera Two Days this Week!

The Montgomery County Board of Education is going to hold two all day meetings off camera this week! 

There is no Agenda posted for this two day event.  

Why should the public know what is going to be discussed and voted on?

Why should the public be able to use modern technology to observe their Board of Education in session? Cameras? Video? Webcams? Vine? Not this week!

Anyway, the cameras would probably be able to see the daily breakfast and lunch buffets and the BOE doesn't want that right now!

Wed, June 25 09:00 AM Board Retreat, Auditorium

Thu, June 26 09:00 AM Board Retreat, Room 127

MCPS: 22 Administrators with Car Allowances and 27 with Take Home Vehicles

Superintendent Joshua Starr in his Jeep Grand Cherokee
As of Fiscal Year 2012 there were 22 MCPS employees currently receiving a car allowance. 
The amount budgeted for car allowances in FY 2012 was $171,600
The amount budgeted in FY 2012 for both local travel and mileage reimbursement was $1,944,306

As of Fiscal Year 2011 there were 27 MCPS Take Home Vehicles.

16 of those vehicles are parked outside of Montgomery County when the employees go home.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pepco, PHI, BGE and Exelon Campaign Contributions

From Abbe Milstein, Founder of Powerupmontco.  Election Day is Tuesday, June 24th.

Dear Powerupmontco Supporters;
Some of the questions I received from Powerupmontco supporters asked about utility contributions to state races.  Below is a breakdown of the money donated by Pepco, PHI, BGE and Exelon to General Assembly and Montgomery County candidates and political committees at the state senator, state representative and county level. 

continues at

Violent and Legal: The Shocking Ways School Kids are Being Pinned Down, Isolated Against Their Will

Carson Luke, a young boy with autism, shattered bones in his hand and foot after educators grabbed him and tried to shut him into a “scream room.” Kids across the country risked similar harm at least 267,000 times in just one school year.
This story was co-published with NPR.

The room where they locked up Heather Luke's 10-year-old son had cinder block walls, a dim light and a fan in the ceiling that rattled so insistently her son would beg them to silence it.

Sometimes, Carson later told his mother, workers would run the fan to make him stop yelling. A thick metal door with locks—which they threw, clank-clank-clank—separated the autistic boy from the rest of the decrepit building in Chesapeake, Virginia, just south of Norfolk.

The room that officials benignly called the "quiet area" so agitated the tall and lanky blond boy that one day in March 2011, his mother said, Carson flew into a panic at the mere suggestion of being confined there after an outburst. He had lashed out, hitting, scratching and hurling his shoes. Staff members held him down, then muscled him through the hallway and attempted to lock him in, yet again.

But this time, the effort went awry. Staffers crushed Carson's hand while trying to slam the door. A surgeon later needed to operate to close the bleeding half-moon a bolt had punched into his left palm. The wound was so deep it exposed bone.

Carson's ordeal didn't take place in a psychiatric facility or juvenile jail. It happened at a public school.

For more than a decade, mental-health facilities and other institutions have worked to curtail the practice of physically restraining children or isolating them in rooms against their will. Indeed, federal rules restrict those practices in nearly all institutions that receive money from Washington to help the young—including hospitals, nursing homes and psychiatric centers.

 But such limits don't apply to public schools.

Can Schools in Your State Pin Kids Down? Probably.

By Heather Vogell and Sisi Wei, ProPublica
Published on June 19, 2014

Public schoolchildren across the country were physically restrained or isolated in rooms they couldn’t leave at least 267,000 times in the 2011-2012 school year, despite a near-consensus that such practices are dangerous and have no therapeutic benefit. Many states have little regulation or oversight of such practices. This map shows where your state stands. Data compiled as of January 2014. Related: Violent and Legal: The Shocking Ways School Kids are Being Pinned Down, Isolated Against Their Will

ProPublica awarded each state a score based on how closely they follow six key elements that are outlined in reform bills and U.S. Department of Education non-mandatory guidance. The lowest score is 0, with the least restrictions.  Maryland received a score of 6.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are the questions ProPublica investigative reporters Heather Vogell and Sisi Wei asked, and here is how Maryland ranked:
  • Is the use of restraints limited to emergencies? No - if included in an IEP.
  • Is the use of seclusions limited to emergencies? No - if included in an IEP.
  • Is parental notification of either practice required? Yes.
  • Is the use of seclusions prohibited? No.
  • Are restraints that restrict breathing banned? Yes.
  • Are mechanical restraints prohibited? Yes.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Do You Know a Child Who’s Been Forcibly Restrained at School?

Help ProPublica investigate forcible restraints in public schools.  To tell your story go here.

Story by Heather Vogell and Amanda Zamora
ProPublica, Jun. 19, 2014, 5:00 am

Over the last decade, mental health facilities in the United States have shifted away from physically restraining or isolating people to control or discipline them. But at public schools, where these tactics are considered legal under federal law, the practice is shockingly common: In the 2012 school year alone, public schools used restraints or so-called seclusion rooms — in which children are held against their will — at least 270,000 times, according to a ProPublica analysis of federal data.

These cases of forcible restraint included schoolchildren being pinned facedown on the floor, locked in dark closets, tied down with straps, handcuffs or even duct tape. Three quarters of the incidents involved students with physical, emotional or intellectual disabilities.

ProPublica is investigating this practice of forcible restraint in U.S. schools and is interested in hearing from parents, educators or others who know children who have been restrained or inappropriately disciplined in a school setting.

Read our story to learn more about how some educators are restraining schoolchildren and tell us what you know about this issue by completing the survey here. Your feedback will remain confidential, unless you permit us to share your information with other journalists.

(Journalists: Interested in reporting on this story? Sign up to be matched with families or sources in your state)

MCPS Music Teacher Hearings Set Today - Sexual Abuse and Rape of Students Trials Set for August and October

Baltimore County mug shot
MCPS music teacher Lawrence Joynes was in Montgomery County Circuit Court today in two different courtrooms to set hearing dates for his two upcoming trials. There were no reporters in the courtroom as far as we could tell. There was no one from MCPS in the courtroom.

What has the Board of Education and Superintendent Joshua Starr's response been since Mr. Joynes' arrest February 28, 2013? Anything? A task force? Website? Lunch meeting?

Lawrence Joynes has already been convicted on child pornography charges in Baltimore County.

This trial centers around the allegations of rape and sexual abuse of an Eastern Middle School student.

Event Date: 09/26/2014 Event Time: 01:30 PM Judge: BAIR, GARY E
Location: 50 Maryland Avenue South Tower Courtroom 5g Courtroom: 5G
Event Date: 09/26/2014
Event Date: 10/06/2014 Event Time: 09:30 AM Judge: BAIR, GARY E
Location: 50 Maryland Avenue South Tower Courtroom 5g Courtroom: 5G
Description: TRIAL - JURY (4 days)

This trial centers around the allegations of sexual abuse of students at New Hampshire Estates Elementary School.

Event Date: 07/25/2014 Event Time: 01:30 PM Judge: QUIRK, JOSEPH M
Location: 50 Maryland Avenue North Tower Courtroom 9b Courtroom: 9B
Event Date: 07/25/2014
Event Date: 08/25/2014 Event Time: 09:30 AM Judge: QUIRK, JOSEPH M
Location: 50 Maryland Avenue North Tower Courtroom 9b Courtroom: 9B
Description: TRIAL - JURY (14 days)

D.C. Area Sees Surge Of Underage Undocumented Immigrants

D.C. Area Sees Surge Of Underage Undocumented Immigrants

MCPS Substitute Plead Guilty to Sex Abuse of Minor, Sex Offense Third Degree and Child Porn Solicitation on May 15th

On May 15, 2014, Daniel Mandel Sirotkin plead guilty on 3 separate counts involving inappropriate contact with students. 

Did any of the media cover the Montgomery County Circuit Court the day the plea was entered? Anyone? 

Mr. Sirotkin will be sentenced on August 6, 2014. (Can the media mark their calendars now for this hearing?)

Read about this arrest at this link.

Court Scheduling Information
(Schedule is subject to change)
Event Date:08/06/2014 Event Time: 09:00 AM Judge: JORDAN, RICHARD E
Location:50 Maryland Avenue South Tower Courtroom 5i Courtroom: 5I


Docket Date:05/15/2014 Docket Number: 15
Docket Description:DEFENDANT'S ORAL PLEA
Docket Type:Docket Filed By: Defendant

Hoover MS Staffer wants Reconsideration of Sentence - June 27th

Previous posts on MCPS staff person Josh Andrew Greenberg arrest and sentencing.

Court Scheduling Information
Trial Date:06/27/2014Trial Time:01:00 PMRoom:411
Trial Location:191 EAST JEFFERSON ST ROCKVILLE 20850-2325

Charge and Disposition Information
(Each Charge is listed separately. The disposition is listed below the Charge)
Charge No:001Description:PRIV PL - PRURIENT INTENT
Statute:CR.3.902.(c)Description:PRIV PL - PRURIENT INTENT
Amended Date:CJIS Code:1 0716MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X
Incident Date From:11/06/2013To:11/06/2013Victim Age:
Disposition:PBJ SUPERVISEDDisposition Date:03/17/2014
Fine:$1,000.00Court Costs:$22.50CICF:$35.00
Amt Suspended:Fine:$500.00Court Costs:$0.00CICF:$0.00
PBJ EndDate:03/17/2017Probation End Date:Restitution Amount:$0.00
Jail Term:Yrs:Mos:Days:
Suspended Term:Yrs:Mos:Days:
Credit Time Served:

Charge No:002Description:PRIV PL - PRURIENT INTENT
Statute:CR.3.902.(c)Description:PRIV PL - PRURIENT INTENT
Amended Date:CJIS Code:1 0716MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X
Incident Date From:10/31/2013To:10/31/2013Victim Age:
Disposition:NOLLE PROSEQUIDisposition Date:03/17/2014
Fine:$0.00Court Costs:$0.00CICF:$0.00
Amt Suspended:Fine:$0.00Court Costs:$0.00CICF:$0.00
PBJ EndDate:Probation End Date:Restitution Amount:$0.00
Jail Term:Yrs:Mos:Days:
Suspended Term:Yrs:Mos:Days:
Credit Time Served:

Charge No:003Description:PRIV. PL.-PRURIENT INTENT
Statute:CR.3.902.(c)Description:PRIV. PL.-PRURIENT INTENT
Amended Date:CJIS Code:3 5715MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X
Incident Date From:10/01/2013To:10/01/2013Victim Age:
Disposition:NOLLE PROSEQUIDisposition Date:03/17/2014
Fine:$0.00Court Costs:$0.00CICF:$0.00
Amt Suspended:Fine:$0.00Court Costs:$0.00CICF:$0.00
PBJ EndDate:Probation End Date:Restitution Amount:$0.00
Jail Term:Yrs:Mos:Days:
Suspended Term:Yrs:Mos:Days:
Credit Time Served: