Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Artificial Turf Debate Part 3: "Artificial turf is big business. There is no regulation for this industry."

...When I first started my business I visited many artificial turf fields. On my first field visit I found a used band aid and on each subsequent visit to a new field I found more used band aids. Other special finds included, metal, vomit and unknown substances. I took pictures of these items and put them on my website to illustrate the daily hazards lurking everywhere. I was accused by a "scientist" from New Zealand of planting these items. After a little research I determined the "scientist" was a representative of a turf manufacturer trying to discredit my discoveries and shape public opinion, as to the overall safety of artificial turf... 
...Artificial turf is big business. There is no regulation for this industry. It will take individuals like Riera, who is only concerned for her children's safety, to make school districts weigh all the "scientific" studies. 
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