Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BOE Finally Posts Agenda for Thurs. July 3rd Credit Card Meeting

Phil Kauffman waves his MCPS credit card in
Lyda Astrove's face. 
The Montgomery County Board of Education has finally released an Agenda for the "not a committee" meeting on July 3, 2014.  

The "not a committee" meeting will discuss new forms and new regulations for Board of Education expense accounts.  

No one will fill out the new forms and no one will abide by the new regulations, but the meeting will make the public "think" that the Board of Education is taking action on the current revelation that Board members misuse and abuse MCPS credit cards.  The forms and regulations that have been in place haven't been followed, why should anyone fill out new forms or follow new regulations?

Remember, this issue was originally exposed over 5 years ago and in 2010 board member, now board president, Phil Kauffman assured the public that "controls were put in place." 

The "controls" didn't work and nothing in tomorrow's agenda will do anything to change the pattern of spending that is ingrained in Montgomery County Board of Education members.

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