Monday, July 28, 2014

Craig Rice calls Cherri Branson "off topic," cuts off discussion, and turns off mics. #artificialturf #FieldTurf

Councilmember Cherri Branson knows a lot about government procurement!

Listen to her questions to MCPS' Director James Song at today's Council discussion of artificial turf in the video clip below.

But, don't expect to hear Mr. Song respond to any of Councilmember Branson's excellent questions.

Council President and Education Committee Chair Craig Rice promptly cuts her off, calls her questions "off topic" and turns off the audio on this hearing!


  1. We all know that Rice is corrupt, but what the #%@& happened to Phil???
    As Edmund Burke said, "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."

    1. How is Craig Rice corrupt?

    2. im typing this twice, sorry, corrupt? no clue, but google rice not paying taxes, and irving too i think had some tax issues.

  2. Nothing happened to 'Phil.' Look at his voting record. He almost always votes with the majority, no matter the issue. Rarely speaks up. While he claimed in his campaign that if he were the Democratic candidate for County Executive things would change, it is obvious from his record nothing was going to change. Now he is a lame duck with some months left. Will he speak up and push for the 'good government' he claims is so important to him? I doubt it.


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